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RPG 5E Adventure Blood of the Brood Mother by Old Gator Games

Deep in an ancient jungle, a group of lumberjacks have gone missing and the flow of precious wood and exotic flora from the region has dried up. Without the lumber trade, the remote port town of Gomba will certainly fail, but a worse fate awaits the settlement and its beleaguered inhabitants – an ancient evil is stirring in the jungle.

Blood of the Brood Mother is an intermediate adventure for 5-7 characters level 6-9.

Head over to our Kickstarter to be notified when the mother of all horrors and her spawn are finally unleashed.

John Larson

The tactical DM

The RPG industry is experiencing a renaissance, specifically an old-school revival and I’m excited to be part of shaping the game for the next generation of players and referees.

Other than a good cup of coffee (sometimes a bad cup of coffee) nothing starts my day like digging into a writing project, putting together game content, and advancing the hobby I love.

I’m a retired Army intelligence professional, serial entrepreneur, and fantasy tabletop role playing game writer and publisher.

See you later – Old Gator

What's in my bag of holding?

RPG Adventures

Our adventure settings and game modules are fun and challenging - tying together fresh encounters with that old school, meat grinder aesthetic of early TTRPGs.

Game Supplements

Whether it is new magic, playable races, deadly nano-encounters, maps, NPCs or adventure seeds, Old Gator Games is bringing the heat with new content every week.

Dungeon Master Mentoring

We are happy to supply new and budding DMs and game referees with the tips, tricks and best practices to make a memorable game and keep your players coming back for more.

Campaign Collaborations

There is so much room in the TTRPG hobby for all of us to get along. Have a project you are passionate about, but need some help? Come and see us.

Red Team Playtest

We have a team of experienced technical and RP savvy play testers who are ready for your adventure's beta version. Work out the kinks prior to publication.


While TTRPGs by nature include themes and elements which some players find difficult, we strive to make our games accessible and safe for all regardless of their backgrounds, values and experiences.

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